Saturday, 29 December 2012

This my latest Article published in various   magazine and new papers, i am sharing this to you all so that lot of people can use these idea to make your 
    kitchen open & airy. 

Open and Airy kitchen
Proper kitchen ventilation is usually overlooked, but we can all agree food that smells tasty while it’s Life is changing fast and so to cope with it other aspects are also changing fast and one of the latest facets that has changed and is still undergoing changes happens to be kitchen. Today’s most important concern is that the kitchen to be bright and airy feeling too. Airy, modern kitchen, it’s the “relationship to the outside…to the garden…the sun’s trajectory and the wind direction”—all of which you can see implemented in the kitchen, with its wall of windows, open wood shelving, and green and blue color accents.

Who wouldn’t enjoy creating a meal in this open and airy kitchen? The open feeling comes from contrasting elements of light and dark. The glazed window with white kitchen cabinetry is contrasted with a steel countertop, while the dark grey wood dining gives you a proper airy and specious kitchen feel.

cooking might not seem inviting a day or two later. It’s important to invest in a ventilation system to eliminate odors by upgrading your insulation or windows

Friday, 14 December 2012

Tips for Smart & Cool kitchen( by Anurag Saxena)

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1-     Store spice containers with labels facing out and group by type or organize alphabetically. Discard and replace spices that no longer have much of a scent; if there's no smell, there's no flavor.
2-     If your kitchen doesn't have enough counter space, add a rolling cart that provides extra room to organize.
3-     Remove any cookbooks or magazines you don't use regularly. For instance, store holiday cookbooks outside the kitchen.
4-     Keep dishes either close to the dishwasher so they're easy to put away -- or close to the table, so it's a snap to set.
5-      Consider different countertop heights. If you're short, you might want to lower some countertops below the 36-inch standard -- a good rule of thumb is that countertops should be 3 inches below your elbow.
6-     Keep extra trash bags in the bottom of your trash can so you always have a new bag handy -- and the unused bags don't take up room in your cabinets.
7-     Even a kitchen with lots of storage space can get overrun with clutter. Get rid of duplicates, and don't be tempted to fill every shelf and drawer to capacity.
8-     Choose drawers instead of cupboards for heavy, large items such as pots; they slide out and make it easier to find what you're reaching for.