Friday, 14 December 2012

Tips for Smart & Cool kitchen( by Anurag Saxena)

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1-     Store spice containers with labels facing out and group by type or organize alphabetically. Discard and replace spices that no longer have much of a scent; if there's no smell, there's no flavor.
2-     If your kitchen doesn't have enough counter space, add a rolling cart that provides extra room to organize.
3-     Remove any cookbooks or magazines you don't use regularly. For instance, store holiday cookbooks outside the kitchen.
4-     Keep dishes either close to the dishwasher so they're easy to put away -- or close to the table, so it's a snap to set.
5-      Consider different countertop heights. If you're short, you might want to lower some countertops below the 36-inch standard -- a good rule of thumb is that countertops should be 3 inches below your elbow.
6-     Keep extra trash bags in the bottom of your trash can so you always have a new bag handy -- and the unused bags don't take up room in your cabinets.
7-     Even a kitchen with lots of storage space can get overrun with clutter. Get rid of duplicates, and don't be tempted to fill every shelf and drawer to capacity.
8-     Choose drawers instead of cupboards for heavy, large items such as pots; they slide out and make it easier to find what you're reaching for.

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